Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Stage Two:Bliss:February

 Work from stage two of the Great Round of Mandala. Moving further into my second year of Mandala Magic.

Last year I had the idea to do a stitched mandala for each stage. But I knew it wasn't the time yet. I am enjoying acting on that idea this year. 

Here are the three blocks completed so far. Void, Bliss and on the far right is the next stage of Labyrinth. It was the stitched work from last year that sewed the seed for this process. I like how the photo moves from shadow to light echoing the stages themselves.

On Instagram I have been posting a photo I feel represents each stage. Bliss is also known as Floating Into the Light. I am also working in my journal throughout the month. 

watercolor mandala

spray ink background, melted crayon mandala, found poetry