Friday, July 31, 2015

ICAD 60 - 61

ICAD 60 - Paper Mate Flair pen, PITT pen, Uniball Signo white gel pen, Pentel markers

ICAD 61 - PITT pen, watercolor pencils

During this June and July I have taken a break from most of my online interaction. I choose to focus on spending time with my children during their summer break. And to spend some time just doing what I wanted to do especially in regard to my art practice. 

This has been my 5th year to participate in the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge. The first years really came at a great time to help me feel the benefit of a regular art practice. I began in practical ways to look at build that habit into my days. 

I treated this year a bit differently. I only shared my cards here on the blog (which is first a record of my creative progress for myself) and on Flickr (where my phones would be backed up anyway). It was just a personal choice because I felt I didn't need the social media interaction as much to keep myself motivated and I have benefited from a more introspective period of time for me. 

I approached most of the cards as experiments, ways to test out ideas quickly, and decide if I wanted to work further with the idea in my journal. These little cards are very freeing that way. It has been a great experience as always and I am really looking forward to next years challenge. 

In August I am looking forward to getting back to my art journal on a more daily basis. I have been doing some work with drawing and painting on paper that is a bit different for me. These last two cards reflect that a bit. 

Happy Blue Moon and see you in August!