Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Dailies: Creative Planning in 2015

In January and February, for my daily journal I used a spiral bound Computation Notebook. I have used the stitched version for journaling before. The paper is a nice color and thickness. And I have a hard time resisting grid paper and stamped numbers on every page. 

Sometimes I need a nice large surface to plan. And sometimes to replan. Whole weeks of the kids out of school due to the weather really keeps you on your toes. 

Must haves for my daily journal include The Right Brain Planner and the Moon Journal by Anna Meade. They are great for binding simply into their own booklets with a cover of decorative paper like this hand made paper by Thistle Farms.

My style of journal and the set up change with me as needed. Daily I make use of these as well as a journal that includes writing, notes, ideas, goals, quotes, reading notes, to do lists, menu plans, daily ephemera and well, everything. 

It would be seemingly ideal to have one journal and at the same time a variety of journals. I have long admired the Midori Travelers Notebooks for their design. I decided on one of those many days we were snowed/iced in at home, to play around with making one in the size I would want to hold a Moleskine Cahier or a 5.5 x 8.5 inch booklet. 

This video from  The Goulet Pen Company does a good job of explaining the basic Midori Travelers Notebook system. If you would like to make your own notebook Sea Lemon has a great DIY video.

A little experimenting later and I have worked out a fauxdori I am in love with just a few days into using it. I am working on a video to share showing my final cover and how I am using it for my current daily journal. Let me know if you have any questions and I will try to address them in the video or a future post.