Friday, March 6, 2015

Daily Art Practice: Watercolor & Pattern

Having a daily creative ritual has been a great benefit to me. It is one of the things that roots (aka grounds) me. It gives my brain an amazing little bit of time to work on things while I get out of the way and do something that is good for my soul.

It is a habit I have been nurturing for several years now. It is such an important part of my day but it does still take an effort on my part. In the evenings once the kids are in bed and the house it quiet is the ideal time for me to spend a short time with a daily art practice. It is the kind of relaxing activity I need to end my day.

Still often it would be easy to say I am too tired or something else requires my attention more. I find it helpful to have decided ahead of time exactly what the evening activity will be to make it even easier to honor this time. 

And this is not the time for me to tackle a large project that requires lots of creative decisions. These days I am embracing the concept of Ease. 

So for the last few months I have been playing with watercolor. I am certainly not an expert in the medium but I enjoy it very much. I also love experimenting with color and pattern. 

I have been working on small 3 x 3-ish patterns and joining in an Instagram challenge to make #onehundredpatterns. Unlike a daily challenge I see this as something I can work on at my own pace. But committing to one hundred will challenge me to explore pattern more deeply. 

I might change to a different medium down the road but for now the watercolor is very enjoyable. I have just recently pulled out the water brushes I have in my travel art supplies. Those and a simple palette make provide for real ease.

Tammy Garcia from Daisy Yellow has a great article over at 
Create Mixed Media about the benefits of doing something creative even in our low energy times.