Monday, November 3, 2014

Art Every Day Month Begins

You know how your days get busy and things creep in and suddenly it seems you don't really remember the last time you spent time really enjoying making something? Yeah, that. 

A few days ago I took some time to sit with a journal and do some simple collage with bits of paper and a glue stick. It felt so good. So for November I am going back to some time each evening spent with this small journal that I bound a while back. 

It was a sort of test book I knew I would keep for myself and I filled it with papers I really love. 
They make wonderful backgrounds for very simple collages. I enjoy trying to compose a collage with limited supplies and capture a feeling or phrase. 

Christine at Bare Branch Blooming hosted an Online Gluebook Party. This was a great way to launch this month of art every day.  

I am also intrigued by the 100 Mandalas Challenge. This square altered book makes a nice spot to experiment

My plan is to share a photo a day on Instagram as a form of 
Gentle Accountability for dedicating time each day to art. 
Join me there or check back here for periodic sharing throughout 
the month. 

Find out more about Art Every Day Month at