Saturday, August 2, 2014

Messy Work Area / Neat Work Area

Summer is such a busy time. I am always thankful for the creative practices I have added to my life and their roll in supporting daily creative time. 

I love the flow of life into Fall and all the changes it brings. The weather cools here, school starts again. It is like a reset at the mid year. 

We have a lot of changes headed our way this year. I generally find myself excited about all the possibilities that change brings and these are no different. 

Both of my children with be headed off to school soon. One to kindergarten and the beginning of the journey and one moving into the next exciting phase of middle school adventures. I am moving forward as well to try new things and seek out the possibilities. 

 I have been busy over the past few months, working on a new endeavor. Some of you may already be aware of it but today I wanted to tell you a little about it and formally invite you over for a visit. 

Perhaps we should start here. This is my humble but thoroughly magical studio space. It is housed in a room about twelve foot square, a mixture of organized, labeled supplies and creative chaos. Both a riot of color and a sea of calm. 

I bring this up because in the process of this new endeavor I moved my computer work area back to this space. In doing so I was struck by the duel imagery. At least I see it. 

This room is like a self portrait. On one side of the large table in the middle of the room, a family heirloom, is my messy and creative work area. Now on the other side is my computer work area with it's tidier micro environment. 

Yet the two blend to the extent that at first casual observation this might not be impressed on you like it was me. I am looking forward to building on both of these sides of my life - the glorious, creative, messy experiments and the organized, administrative talents. Looking forward to both blending them further and pulling them each out to examine. 

So I hope you will continue to visit me here for documentation of my personal creative endeavors. And also visit a new home for my administrative support business where I will be blogging about ideas, resources and tools that offer practical solutions for entrepreneurs, bloggers and artists. People like you. 

There are already several blog posts starting here where you can learn more background on The Organizing Type and the ideas behind it. This month begins an introductory offering of our subscription services

So whether you have a business or not, I hope my vision of using both my creative and organizational talents will provide you with practical assistance you can use in your life. My goal is to help build on a community of support and sharing. I would love it if you would join me along this journey.