Monday, August 25, 2014

Mail Art: Asemic Writing

How cool is it to learn about something really interesting you didn't even know had a name? The Asemic Writing postcard swap over at Mail Me Some Art inspired these cards. And this is just scratching the surface. Oh the possibilities!

Making my own decorative papers is something I really love to do. Having them to use in my work usually leads to some of my most satisfying experiments. Writing is a fun thing to do to lay down color and texture. 

You may have tried techniques like scribbling or writing large and layering more writing on top, varying the direction of the line. With these postcards I decided to play with the shapes of the characters while thinking about the basic combinations of lines that make up common alphabets. 

This swap at Mail Me Some Art is open until September 2. Hop over and check out all the swaps and get a look at all the lovely mail. 

P.S. - Mono printing on deli paper is AWeSome!