Thursday, July 3, 2014

Printing Marathon

 This past week I pulled out my gelli plate intending to spend a little time each day playing. It has been on my wanna do list for some time. 

a succession of layers made up of paint left around index card prints

I printed directly to most of my icad cards this past week and you can see those here. In the process of making those I pulled the remaining paint left around the smaller cards onto other sheets of paper. 

 this paper began with the crisper first print

this page includes the ghost print taken from paint left on the plate

By adding the ghost print and other successive prints you build up a interesting papers for use in collage. 

using a variety of tools to scrap into the paint

The intention was to do prints daily but I found a rhythm of every two days worked for me. I experimented each day with some of the technique ideas and tools I have saved for the purpose. 

layered prints using masks to protect previous areas of paint

When I have a print I do not especially like or the left over layers seem very disjointed, I often print a dark or bold color over it all using an all over pattern to reveal the under layers. 

And then there is just playing with some of my favorite tools and colors. The sheets of deli paper are larger than my plate and I like the effect when you stagger the prints over the sheet. 

 These last sheets use letter and number stencils. In several of the photos where deli paper was used you can see the print of the chair showing through. The same effect can be achieved once the papers are incorporated in a collage. That's going to be fun to play with for sure.