Saturday, June 14, 2014

ICAD: Week 2 Review

Here we are at the review of cards for week two of Index-Card-A-Day. This week I decided to simplify my sharing my taking Instagram photos of each card. 

To make a more interesting square photo I grabbed one of the many books at hand to become a background for the card. The first photo turned out well and I decided it would be a fun challenge to continue this through the week. Included with each card's description below is identification of each book included in the photo. 

 ICAD 8 of 61 - index card divider, watercolor, computer printed and found text - Background Book: Acrylic Techniques in Mixed Media by Roxanne Padgett

ICAD 9 of 61 - index card divider, watercolor, found text - Background book: my hand bound journal

ICAD 10 of 61 - acrylic paint applied with baby wipe, watercolor crayons, fabric, hand stitching - Background Book: Spilling Open by Sabrina Ward Harrison

ICAD 11 of 61 - green tea stain, acrylic paint, stencil, fabric, hand stitching - background book: The It's Okay If You Sit On My Quilt Book by Mary Ellen Hopkins

ICAD 12 of 61 - decorative index card, scrapped acrylic paint, fabric, velum, typewriter text, embroidery floss - background book: my hand bound journal

ICAD 13 of 61 - papers from magazines and mail, watercolor crayons, white gel pen, washi tape - background book: Writing Down Your Soul by Janet Conner

ICAD 14 of 61 - acrylic paint, gel pen - background book: composition book which is one of my current journals

We will see what the next week of cards and photos hold. There is a bit of traveling this week but icad is so portable. New places and sights could inspire anything.