Saturday, June 7, 2014

ICAD: Week 1 Review

We are a week into Index-Card-a-Day for this year. Here is a wrap up of this week's cards. I am sharing my cards daily on Flickr and Facebook in the ICAD groups and I will do a weekly wrap up here on the blog. 

There are so many wonderful cards being shared. I am a bit sad to see less sharing on Flickr these days verses other locations. Flickr and Instagram are really my preferred style of sharing. I have been posting in process photos on Instagram this week and they are included in this post as well.

ICAD 1 of 61 - started with a background left from last year of a crayon rubbing and acrylic drips, added a one staple collage of scrap paper including bits from the mail, stamped text

#icad2014 has begun! Sunday chilling with watercolor and the kiddos.

ICAD 2 of 61 - index card divider, watercolor, one staple collage from bits of mail and magazine

#icad time!

ICAD 3 of 61 - theme: text, prompt: Hello my name is...
index card divider, watercolor, one staple collage, sticker

#icad on the go

ICAD 4 of 61 - Smashed fluid acrylics, sprayed acrylics and ink, doodles with Gelly Roll pen done on the go

My little photo set up comes in handy on rainy days. #icad

 ICAD 5 of 61 - one staple collage made from book page painted with watercolor, stitched paper scraps, velum and envelope window, typewriter text

ICAD 6 of 61 - smashed acrylic background, hand carved stamp, colored pencil, one staple collage, velum and typewriter text

ICAD 7 of 61 - index card divider, watercolor, found text

One staple collages were a fun challenge this week. It was a previous years prompt that I did not get to explore at the time. I'm making note of other ideas and materials I would like to experiment with in the coming weeks. That's one of my favorite thing about this creative challenge. These little canvases are a great bite size opportunity to try something new.