Monday, June 16, 2014

Blog Hop

My art buddies KarenTeresa and Trece invited me to join an interview style blog hop. There are four questions to answer about your creative life and then you name three artists that inspire you.

1. What am I working on?

The major personal projects I am concentrating on currently are mail art, art journaling in a variety of forms, experimenting with watercolor and Index-Card-a-Day

Slowly but surely I am working on mail art especially returns for mail I have received. There are so many things of interest but you can only do so much. One trick is to combine two things I want to do such as mail art and watercolor.

My focus this year is on enriching my art journaling. I journal daily in some form but I want to explore deeper and experiment with a variety of materials during this year. I am trying to suspend the rules I realize I impose on myself and let things unfold.

Falling in love with watercolors, bathing in their rich color and simple patterns. Love the simple, meditative quality of working with them. Integration of more of the materials and techniques I love into my work is a goal that is beginning to bloom.

ICAD is a great way to experiment and play some each day through the summer changes in the household schedule. It is a fun activity with my children and a special way to include them in my creative pursuits. I will be posting a weekly round up of my cards here on the blog.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

 My interests focus on paper and fabric. Color, pattern and texture are my muses. There is so much in life that inspires me from nature to design, the passion of other artists, anyone who shows up for the shear joy of play. 

It is hard for me to pick and list completely unique things about my work. Perhaps for each of us it is our combination of elements, something unique but universal that our creativity expresses.

3. Why do I create what I do?

Aren't we all driven to create in some form. It feels like I have always had the need to create even if I have not always honored that need. Art making has saved me in the low times in my life and a daily practice is true self care.  

4.   How does your creative process work?

Show up everyday and start. Ask "What would happen if". I have several projects in process and they often feed each other. I am by nature a night owl and do my best creating in the evenings when the house is quiet. 

And now the artists who inspire me - 

Not everyone was able to participate in the blog hop or they had already been asked to participate, so I hope you will visit these artists especially if you are not familiar with their blogs. 

Liz at Green Glass

Christine at Bare Branch Blooming

Anna at Anna Meade Arts