Thursday, May 22, 2014

Glue Book Wk 11: Inspiration Journal

Sharing our Glue Books each Thursday has made me nostalgic. There are so many names and approaches to glue-booking including inspiration journals. I have kept inspiration journals for years. Long before I began art journaling and even before studying book binding. 

The larger journal  has been with me since 1998. That has covered a lot of moves and changes in my life. I wanted a large book to hold all the things one might digitally bookmark or pin these days. And I still use it. I made it myself from two large packs of paper. The front and back covers are made from the board included with each package of paper.

When I look at these journals I see my favorite color palette, hopes and dreams, and also that my more classic fashion leanings have held up pretty well over time.

I have started a new inspiration journal and plan to share some of those pages next week. Do you keep an inspiration journal or enjoy another form of glue therapy? 

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