Sunday, January 5, 2014

#365ArtJournal: New Daily Journal

This year's 365 Project will be to art journal in some form each day. I keep a daily journal that usually covers about a month each. It is a combination of planner, journal and diary. It is full of collage, inspiration and quotes - basically my brain but more dependable

elements used include mini calendar from Snow and Graham
four letter word by Elizabeth Golden

Prepping a new journal is one of my favorite things. Changing the style of book each month or so keeps it from feeling routine. Last year I started numbering my journals using {month started.year.number of journal in that year} so this journal is 1.2014.1 - since I refer back to my notes often it has helped me locate the journal I need.

My guiding word for the year is JOURNEY and each month I will be randomly drawing from twelve companion words/phrases. Encourage and Inspire is the phrase for January. I would has assigned this one to a much later month in the year but it has already come into play in unexpected ways. 

Spending time journaling on Right Brain Planner  pages often leads to unexpected insights.

A planner style journal compiled of my own choice of pages and elements lets me customize and try new things like the weekly collage practice I began in November. 

elements used include items from The Art Journaler

My January journal is forming in a book that I bound myself. It is about 5.5 x 11 inches and is bound with an exposed spine featuring the Coptic Stitch. (more photos and details of the physical construction soon) 

The Documented Life Project has given me inspiration to go wild with washi and other decorative tape. 

My daily journal gets a lot of my attention and I couldn't do without it. This year will be about taking more time in it and the other various journals I have going. I plan to share them all here with you. 

In the meantime, also check out this short video about my daily art journal kit

* Please note by daily journal is personal and a place I collect all kinds of things shared by others because they speak to me. My intention in sharing it here is to inspire as others have inspired me. I have and will do my best to credit artists and makers here. If you see something you feel is not credited as it should be please contact me with the information listed on the contact page of the blog and I will be glad to correct the oversight or remove the image.