Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mail Art 365: Collage Sheet

There are all kinds of ways to share art and have others interact with the art and you. Abandoned art (including letters) is so interesting to me. Also mail art where you are asked to add to a journal or post card. I have seen some particularly inspiring examples of this including in the art journaler community

For a mailing to some members I decided to try my hand at creating a sheet that could be cut into four postcards, or two half pages or used as one whole sheet. I restrained myself and left empty shape for the receiver to add, or to use the sheet as collage bits in any way they like. 

After I made both color and black and white copies of the sheet, I cut my original into four postcards and continued adding to create four cards to mail out. Here are the completed cards clockwise as show above.

This was a fun challenge in a lot of ways. I really did not know what I would add to my original sheet until I sat down to do so. It was also educational to see how the collage sheet would photocopy. 

The sheets went out into the mail today. I included an invitation to the receivers to share how they used the sheet if they would like.