Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mail Art 365: Lost in Time

Here's my latest batch of mail art. 

Went into the studio today to finish these up and I realized the swap that inspired some of these has already passed. I thought I was ahead of the game! Ha, I've been in a time warp. 

I wrapped up my current job three weeks ago and my daughter has been on a break from school for the last two. Really trying to get back to the land of the more organized.

None the less these were fun to make. It's very freeing to just start stitching down scrap bits of paper. Also playing with adding paint at the end. Results may vary. 

Anything brightening up your mailbox lately? Give some good old fashioned postal correspondence a try and send out some happy to someone. You never know who's day you might step into just when some happy is needed.