Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Dailies

I make art everyday. A journal goes along with me everywhere, everyday. Nothing very juicy but it seems rather personal. I share occasional glimpses of it here and there. 

But this weeks word is share and it feels like a bit of a challenge to me. I have faded quite a bit here on the blog in the last year. So for this week I thought I would share photos of the pages of my daily journal. 

Septembers Journal is a Moleskine Cahiers with grided pages. I'm also trying a separate daily writing journal which will be a trusty composition journal. (Back-to-school sales, how can you resist?)

My daily journal is ever evolving. I like change. Like rearranging the furniture, it mixes things up a bit. I just finished up two months of using an altered book. I loved the paper pages of the Chinese Art History text. I liked the way it took gouache and the way the binding wore as it was used each day. I made my mark on it. 

I enjoy starting a new journal. Picking out elements I will use through out the month. This month once again I am enjoying my Right Brain Planner subscription booklet, bits of Teresa's wisdom and guidance abide with me through out my month. Add bits from the art journaler and goodies from Ms. Mary Ann. Each journal this year also gets graced with the month's page from a mini calendar from Snow and Graham which was a present to myself. 

The months ends and begin with thinking about old and new goals. Just a few. What can realistically be done (usually). What to continue or revamp based on lessons learned. 

* building in realistic goals for improving my diet and finding ways to gets exercise time
* returning to a daily hour of solitary time in my studio
* spend 15 minutes each evening free writing in a dedicated journal

Each day is a collage spread, notes and reflection, a record of goals, ideas, gratitude. 
Sometimes it's a struggle at that moment but when I look back at my journal weeks or months later, I am always a bit surprised at what I see and also glad I take the time for my dailies.