Sunday, September 29, 2013

52 Cards: Week 29 & 30

I'm working myself through the year with a new word to reflect on weekly. I find I am drawn to making cards with simple designs. They leave room in my mind for the new ideas the words have lead me to through the week. 

(no, that fuzz is not on your computer screen. it's in my photos. this is real life, fuzz and all.)


- a series of actions or type of behavior regularly followed

*for me ritual has taken on the meaning of a positive habit, done with intention not blindly or because it is expected, it is chosen by me and given priority in my life


- to become acquainted with by experience

appreciate, enjoy

- to have perception, experience, or enjoyment

touch, feel, know, see, experience, sustain, digest

- individual preference
- manner or aesthetic quality indicative of discernment or appreciation


*Feed your Soul. Walk toward what makes your heart leap.

This weekly ritual was inspired by Teresa and her 52 cards.