Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mail Art Monday

Karen's idea for Mail Art Monday got me to thinking about the art supplies I just couldn't live without. There is of course glue. Be sure to read her post on glue. I would second it all. Mostly find a glue that you love. For me when it comes to mail art it is almost always a glue stick, particularly an UHU glue stick. I had used a variety of brands of glue sticks and been largely satisfied. Several people sang the praises of this brand though so I thought I would give one a try. I request them by the box now for occasions like Mother's Day or my birthday. I start to feel a bit uneasy when the box is almost empty. Seriously though I think they have superior long term sticking abilities. 

Other favorites are matte medium for certain types of collage and Elmer's white glue which I can thin to the consistency I need (bottle not pictures because it is huge and tucked away in the closet till my small jar needs a refill). Also, Yes paste is a favorite but I use it more in bookbinding with larger papers I don't want to wrinkle from too much moisture. Old gift cards are the weapon of choice for applying. Use whole to scrap a thin layer over the paper. Cut them to the size you need as well. 

Scissors are another must have. I have lots but they still tend to wander off as the other household occupants always know they can find a pair in my art supplies. I recently needed a new pair and picked up a Titanium set. Oh are they nice. Cut like butter!

An old catalog or a magazine is always at my left to glue on top of, then just flip the page for a clean surface. 

These 12 x 12 storage boxes have become indispensable for organizing the projects I work on daily and weekly like mail art. Sleepy me just pulls out the box I need each morning and everything specific to that project is at hand. 

Like my fancy-dancy book press? Close at hand is my set up for pressing everything from mail art collages to the latest bookbinding project. It is simply a book of dimension to encompass most anything I'm working on. The honor goes to my History of Art textbook from collage. This is the best use I've gotten out of it yet. 

Under the book is an extra metal shelf from my paper organizer. It just makes it easy to lift the book and insert or remove an item. 

The next can't-live-without item would be wax paper. I must have for wrapping glued items to press, lining the shelf of my paper drying box or stuck between the pages of an Art Journal until it is completely dry. 

And then of course there is my sewing machine

My hints for successful gluing - 

* glue out in a star burst pattern from the center all the way over the edge for complete coverage
* use a glue you like and the best one you have for the task
*press (wrapped or between wax paper) under something like a large book overnight while the glue completely dries