Saturday, June 15, 2013

icad: week two

Week two cards had me thinking about looking to non-paper supplies and other items I've gotten away from using.  

 8/61 - found text, painted book pages, machine stitching, hand carved stamp, oil pastels

 9/61 - woven painted book pages, machine stitching

 10/61 - collage of non paper items including hand dyed and shibori fabrics, photocopied transparency, machine stitching, packing and making tape

 11/61 - Mark making with oil pastels, watercolor crayons, rubber stamps

 12/61 - decorative papers, book page, map and photograph

 13/61 - my decorated paper, wrapping paper, packing and making tape, water color crayon

14/61 - watercolor crayons, Copic marker, masking and packing tape, crayons

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