Friday, March 15, 2013

Everyday Journal

Here's another way that I journal. I work each weekend in a journal I refer to as an Everyday Journal because I fill it with photos and writing about the everyday happenings that make up life's good stuff. I have been making an effort to record these simple bits of happiness with my camera phone as a sort of gratitude list. On Friday night I print off the photos from the past week.

This journal became a further way to share those photos and details about them that I would forget in time. Now I can go back and flip through these journals whenever I need a little help to keep things in perspective when I get a bit grumpy about not having everything the way I want it. 

 I recently filled this one up. I worked in it for about 3 months and have named it the Simplicity Journal inspired by the sewing pattern tissue used in the paper cloth cover. The style of construction is inspired by the Remains of the Day workshop and journals of Mary Ann Moss. I re-purposed a hard bound book that I recovered and replaced the text block with a variety of papers and sizes. 

When my daily routine changed from stay at home mom to working mom, journaling evolved with it. I first intended this journal as a daily journal but it worked it's way to this once a week habit and that's better right now. 

I think of it as a melding of scrapbook and art journal. There are so many approaches to keeping a journal. I like to go with whichever one or more work for me at the moment. 

  You can see more pages (even a few photos of me)in my Everyday Journal set at Flickr.