Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mail Call

 I really love mail art, both sending and receiving. I am fortunate to receive some lovely things in the mail. Generally here on the blog I only post photos of my own work. But in my attempts to convert more of you to the wonders of the mail, I thought I would share  photos of what landed in my mailbox this week. 

I love the use of the sewing pattern tissue in this postcard from Terri. If you are concerned about how your art will fair going through the mail, notice the threads in the top right corner. It is amazing what usually makes it just fine.

 What a nice surprise to receive this reply from Tofu for the completed card I recently returned to him as part of the Millennia Mail Art Project. Have you seen the spin off project Tammy is heading up? 

 A new friend from the IUOMA, Diane sent me this trash poetry. A return will be in the mail very soon. 

And this lovely piece is from Claudia. She is a friend from the IUOMA and we have developed a steady trade of cards back and forth. I always love to see the layers of paint and color on her cards. This one has a nice texture and the wrinkles of paper catch the paint. The reverse side is just as interesting. 

Received a present I requested for my birthday that made taking the photos really easy. A special thanks to Karen for sharing about the photo studio her husband gave her (see just what I am taking about here with bonus lovely long stitch journals). I have been contemplating a solution to the problem of a practical set up for a while. I am so happy with the results. 

Karen also had an interesting discussion on Mail Me Some Art recently about glue. (Yes, I find glue very interesting and it's okay to admit you do too.) So I was wondering if you have any tips for me and the blog readers about how you organize your mail art in regards to incoming items and a list of contacts, who you are sending replies to or upcoming swaps.

I really like using Trello to organize all of my art projects. I have a separate board for mail art & correspondence(pictured above). It's really pretty easy. I just start a card for each new person. I keep adding to your card - photos of what comes in and goes out, contact information and notes. As new mail comes in the card is moved over to the respond queue. I can access it all on my phone as well. I discovered Trello when it was mentioned in a blog comment. In the spirit of Tammy's recent post, I am trying to take the time to comment more on blogs I visit. So I would also love to hear from you too.