Friday, January 11, 2013

Portable Pattern a Day

Some random things to share that once seemed to gel together well in my brain. They are related certainly, in that my word for the year is


Original huh?  But it is what my mind and heart kept coming back to again and again. Thinking about the year ahead I know I work better with a game plan. I will be more likely to make the right things a priority and feel accomplished if I outline some goals. With that in mind I decided on a few challenges, projects, areas of focus. 

 One of those continues to be creating something or in some form each day. Right now A for Anika's Pattern a Day is helping me keep that going. I like the idea of drawing daily or a doodle a day. But pattern and color is even more appealing to me. 

It also makes for a very portable activity which allows me to take advantage of lunch break for some creative time. I'm loving these 12 x 12 clear art boxes for projects. A few supplies tucked inside and they hit the road or even the couch. Storage and work surface in one. 

In December I worked with markers and for January I decided on cut paper. I'm doing them postcard size and then using them as the beginnings of mail art like these. Carved stamps are leading in the running for February's focus.

Speaking of mail art, here's a hint of what I have in progress currently. Mail Me Some Art is back with more fun for the new year. I know I am busy at work on several to send Karen's way. Have you considered a 365 project for the year? (examples here and here) I've decided to make 365 pieces of mail art throughout  the year. It comes in creative jumps. I begin to make one and then before I know it 5 are ready to go. I'll keep you posted on the progress. 

So, how about you? Big plans for the year, something new you plan to try, something old you plan to continue? Just going with the flow?