Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 3

So I have started a project (one I've wanted to try for a while now) with the added goal of making myself take it slow and let my instincts lead the way more. I do so often feel the need to plan everything out and produce results. Planning has it's place  but results for results sake isn't what I'm after. I was inspired by the 40 day challenge idea. I especially thought limiting myself to one little bit each day would be beneficial. I'm not sure exactly how many days this will last. 
Next layer: collage of wall paper, stenciled paper and sewing pattern tissue paper

My amount of daily creative time has shrunk quite a bit. I was determined not to let that mean a lull in the creative flow. I've done pretty good on that front. I do something each day. Not always blog post material. I have missed it here and blogging's added motivation to keep at it. 

I miss being able to carve out a bigger chunk of time to dig into a project. I have so many I want to be working on. I miss having enough wits about me to day dream and scheme about the next project. Occasional I do and this is helping. I am giving something new a try. Jumping right in. Doing a manageable bit each day.