Friday, October 12, 2012

So what have you been up to?

Me, I've been making an effort to  keep up the daily art ritual. I'm enjoying documenting it on the go with phone pics shared on Instagram and Flickr. It's fun to work with composition and the many options available in a variety of photo editing applications. More so than the blog, it's currently my main outlet for documenting and sharing.

I've been very inspired by the variety of swaps over at Mail Me Some Art. I feel like I'm always working on a few sheets of decorated paper. It didn't take much conviencing to talk myself into working a few up to send off. Next on my list is a journal swap that I'm very excited about starting on this weekend. 

There's getting caught up in having to have the latest and greatest art supply, and then there's investing in the right tool for the job. I've put off buying spray inks for various reasons. I finally purchased some. I really love the intense colors Dina Wakley gets in her work so I decided to try the Dylusions Spray Inks. Wish I hadn't waited quite so long. 

I've tried a lot of fiber techniques and knitting has just never seemed to be my thing. This is the best results I have ever achieved. By my calculations, if I keep at it, I might have a scarf by the time I need one this Winter. 

 I'm smearing around paint, cutting and pasting, making lots of notes in my journal. You know, the usual. 

And making mail art of course. So how about you?