Saturday, August 4, 2012

Creative Review

A couple of weeks in and I'm still working on getting into this new creative routine. Here are a few things that hit home with me this week - 

The Open Window: Leveraging Your Day Job for Your Art Life

Pic a Walk, Any Walk - Brilliant idea. It might even get me to start liking exercising.  

I try to spend a bit of time each evening winding down in the studio. It's a good time to write about the day, paste a few goodies in my journal or play with the Daily Paper Prompt from Daisy Yellow.

I'm also trying to set aside a couple of hours on the weekend regularly. This requires enlisting the families cooperation. So far, so good. I felt very productive last week. I don't usually base my creative satisfaction on the volume of production but after feeling so unproductive for the last few weeks, it was very satisfying 

Gel plate prints - this is so darn much fun! Mostly just having fun playing with various things for stencils. They make their way into my journal and mail art too.

Starting a new Composition Journal this month - I added an envelope in the back to catch daily ephemera and prepped some pages for journaling during the following week. 

I've been itching to slap some paint down in my altered book(s) -
I'm loving using Golden paints and the techniques I learned in Tammy's workshop at Daisy Yellow. I just needed to prove to myself I didn't dream it all.

Here's to another creative week for us all.