Saturday, July 28, 2012

ICAD Check In: Week 7 & 8

I thought I would do a wrap up post for ICAD. Here's the last batch.

Mandalas are actually rather relaxing now that I have let myself just see where they go. I am usually rather surprised by what they are like in the end.

ICAD2 - #43

 ICAD2 - #44 & 45

ICAD2 - #46

And speaking of art on the go, after I completed the 46th card we headed out on a family vacation. I took my supplies along of course. I had plans to continue to do my daily card, art journal, make some mail art and write a few vacation postcards to family and pen pals. 

Some of that even happened, along with some time on the beach and seeing the sights. 

This was my favorite place we ate at on our trip. The food was yummy (note blurry photo below), music has great and the sea breeze was lovely. 

The kids enjoyed the beach and meeting some of the locals. My favorite was the cool sea turtles. 

We made up a new game of find the mail box and my daughter spotted a rainbow on our drive home. 

Somewhere in there I did my last ICAD card. Well there were a couple after this one. My heart just wasn't in them though. They have mostly made their way into journal fodder. 

 ICAD2 - #47

Things are changing here. Probably for the best but sometimes change is hard even if it's a change you want to make. We're headed into August and back to school. My little one is getting used to daycare again. My creative life is getting an overhaul whether I like it or not. 

I 'm trying to be patient with myself and see where the next adventure takes me. I'm very grateful for the two years I have had at home with them for obvious reasons but also for me. I did a pretty good job of loosing myself after my first child was born. In the last two years I feel like I have found me again.