Thursday, July 5, 2012

ICAD Check In: Week 5

Just in case you don't know what this ICAD thing is all about, be sure to visit Daisy Yellow for cool posts each day. Definitely check out the Flickr group too.

Just a quick post of this week's cards. Card #34 has some writing on it but it is too light to see in the image. It says, "Another day, another project". I'm try to complete some of my art projects before I start any new one's and I am doing pretty good at it. But there's also the household or family projects. We tend to talk and talk and then, wham!, were doing it today. Gotta go with it when the whole bunch is willing. So we are turning the house upside down and giving everyone a new bedroom. We have been shopping for purple and yellow to paint our old bedroom which will become our daughters new room. I had better get back at it. I want my bed back as soon as possible.

ICAD2 - #29
crayon rubbing of fence, post it note resist, walnut ink spray, marker, 
hand dyed fabric, machine stitching

ICAD2 - #30
maze book structure
prompt: origami / fold

ICAD2 - #31
another version of maze book - Jelly Roll pen, Prisma Color pencils

ICAD2 - #32
mono print - acrylic paint, stencil, found stamp

ICAD2 - #33
Flag book structure

ICAD2 - #34
mono print - acrylic paint, Post-It note resist, water color crayons

ICAD2 - #35
Prompt: use your blue supplies
crayon rubbing of brick, watercolor crayon, oil pastel, airbrush acrylic, 

Jelly Roll pen, markers, soft body acrylic paint, colored pencil, pens