Thursday, June 14, 2012

June Journal

A good beginning to any loved journal.

Here we are, well into Summer break for the kid and icad is keeping me artful and sane. I am up to a few other artistic endeavors. Having some mail art adventures (Speaking of mail art, you have seen this right?) and keeping my daily journal. 

I am usually partial to composition books for this working journal that is one part organizer/planner, one part art journal, one part diary. June and July the kid is home with me or attending various day camps and the wee one is growing fast and ready to take over the world. I thought these months might call for something a bit different. In my over zealous planning I created a daily planner sheet for the three of us.

Above: Said over zealous planning sheet
Below: The more sane version

I have been wanting to bind my own composition style journal so why not now. I decided to print off the planner sheets to incorporate in this journal along with some of my much loved grid paper and some other goodies. It's most doable to print 8 1/2 x 11 sheets but that was not the dimensions I am looking for in a journal. I wanted it to be more towards the size of a standard composition book. 

This is kind of an experiment in progress so I decided to fold the pages not in half as usual for this style binding but to make them 8 1/2 square on one side and leave the remainder folded on the other side. I planned to use the small flaps that would result as places to keep lists or tip in pages as I went along. While assembling the pages I decided to go with two styles of daily planner pages depending on kid home (more planning required, see photos above) or kid attending camp weeks. 

The flaps provide a chance to add in various types of paper for visual interest
or to get the weight or type paper you prefer for art journaling sections of the book.

Saturdays and Sundays were going to be winging it. They would just have to settle for some scrap papers as we went along. 

Here some of the multitude of decorative papers I make getting put to use. Washi tape - both beautiful and functional makes a quick way to tip in a page addition to one of the  many flaps.

The yellow is one of the smaller "flaps" that result.
 Tape or stitch paper together to add in, giving you another full page.
Below is the back side  view of the same added page.

So far I am really enjoying using the journal. I don't plan to change much for the July version that's in the design stages. Having the pre-printed pages gives me a jump start on the day's organization and spending a little time here and there taping in goodies gives me a push to note, journal, and collect during my busy days.

 A more complicated looking addition...
 ...but it is simply a sheet folded in half and taped on  each side.

 Hope you are enjoying your Summer months too. See you soon with more icad check in's, mail art fun and even the promised instructions on how to make your own sewing cradle for bookbinding (I really haven't forgotten about it).