Wednesday, June 20, 2012

July Journal Bind Along: Binding the Book

Interested in bookbinding? Want to customize your own art journal or daily planner? Looking to give yourself a little push towards integrating creativity into your daily routine?

Previously I shared a look at my June Journal. Join in or follow along as I bind another customized daily planner. 

In this series of blog posts we will:

In this third post in the series, we are ready to bind the text block. Below are a series of short videos showing each step.

I start off today showing you the the process I use for sequencing the pages for the pamphlet stitch binding. 

Bind Along: Sequence of Text Pages (step 1)

Bind Along: Making the sewing station template (step 2)

Bind Along: Punching the sewing stations (step 3)

Bind Along: Stitching the Text Block (step 4)

Once you have completed stitching the binding you may notice a lot of spring in your text block depending on the type of paper used. Close the text block with the card stock piece on the outside. Place a large book on top of it for a while to compress the pages before we move on.

Now, go take a break! You deserve it! See you again next week for making the cover and putting it all together to make a book.