Friday, June 8, 2012

ICAD Experiment

Hello everyone. Thanks for joining me. 
I am one of your index card hostesses during this second week of 

My toddler occasionally asks me, "What's your favorite question?" I'm not really sure why he asks that but I know he expects an answer. My favorite question is, "What if..?" It's always the question I'm curious about whether I am working in the studio, cooking or moving the furniture around. 

From this weeks prompts I chose experiment. It is a good prompt for every card I do for the challenge. It's wonderful to see such a variety of approaches and outlooks from the ICAD participants. 
For me personally its:
* another way of taking time daily to live out my creativity
* experimentation with new ideas, techniques or materials
* letting go and seeing what happens

In Keri Smith's book How to be an Explorer of the World, she discusses how scientists and artists are alike. 

"Artists and scientists analyze the world around them in surprisingly similar ways, by observing, collecting, documenting, analyzing, and comparing."

Yes, exactly. I think that's the essence of what drives me to create. Why it's something I must do, it's who I am and how I look at the world. 

A sampling of our crayon rubbings: (clockwise) Buckberry tree leaves, 
tricycle tire, garden rake, toy mower, swing seat, and plastic crate

I'm also a mom. I'm trying to share this way of looking at the world with my children. But then I realize I'm actually letting them remind me of how do it. Children are the masters of this technique. 

The kids and I took a stack of cards and a few broken, paperless crayons out in the back yard. We were searching for as many textures as we could find. 

Phase two - experimenting with a variety of paints and ways to apply it to the card

Here are the cards that have resulted from our experiment: 

crayon rubbing of garden rake, watercolor pencil, Golden airbrush acrylics

 ICAD #7
crayon rubbing of toy mower, Golden airbrush acrylics, toothbrush, 
postage stamp from Chad, machine stitching, number stamp


crayon rubbing of pencil box, Golden airbrush acrylics, water spray bottle, 
Russian postage stamp, black Jelly roll pen, number stamp

So what's your favorite question? Remember the scientific method?  What discoveries will you make today?