Thursday, June 14, 2012

ICAD Check In

We're rolling along and starting week three of Daisy Yellow's ICAD Challenge. You know you can start making your own cards any time right? Oh sure. Just check out Tammy's straight forward FAQ section to learn more. Visit the ICAD Flickr group to see all the activity going on there. And while you are here, let me share my latest cards. Yes, I seem to get mini themes going don't I? Words and circles any one?

ICAD #12
acrylic paint, stencil, watercolor pencil and crayon, cut out,
 markers, white Sharpie poster paint pen
 ICAD #13
tea stain, acrylic paint, stencil, copper, Bulgarian postage stamp, 
rubber stamp, magazine text
ICAD #14
chalks, stencil, magazine text, rubber stamp

I've had another crazy idea for a project. I would be starting to  make my July Journal soon. I think I will do it over the next two weeks and share the process step by step here on the blog. If you would like to join me or just watch the process stay tuned here for posts soon, starting with more details explaining what this is all about and information on the supplies needed to bind the book. Interested? In the meantime, you can see more in the previous post about my June Journal