Monday, June 11, 2012

ICAD Check In

A bit of a quick post to check in with the ICAD Challenge. Here are the cards I have not posted on the blog yet. Starting with #5 which got left out somewhere between posts. He makes a nice set with the latest two cards. 

smashed Golden fluid acrylics, Bulgarian postage stamp, ink dobbers, 
stencils, washi tape, transparency

PITT pen, Pentel markers

rubber stamp, Prisma Color pencils, machine stitching
prompt: faux quilt

The kids and I have been enjoying making cards as well. Here's a grouping of some of our recent cards together. It's fun to have your kids see what you do and want to join in with you. My youngest is just 3 but he has quite the passion for art. You should hear the joyful sounds he makes while he paints. 

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