Thursday, June 28, 2012

ICAD Check In: Week 4

Today we have the weekly wrap up for ICAD. Boy is it hopping. The Flickr group is going strong and I am linking up to this weeks Link Love at Daisy Yellow. I'm enjoying the daily prompt ideas. Be sure to spend some time checking out all the participants and the great variety of work. It's very exciting to see. 

ICAD2 - #22
carved stamps, magazine text, office stamp

I have been using some of the icad cards as mini size journal pages. I am working on developing the habit of journaling everyday. Well, I do journal in some form daily, so I guess I should say expanding the habit. I always have by working journal close by, like the current June Journal

ICAD2 - #23
crayon rubbing of tricycle wheel, Golden fluid acrylics, 
drew into paint with brush handle, Coptic marker

This week I indulged in a Copic marker. I played with it a bit on these cards. I want to spend some more time playing around with it but so far I really like all it writes over and how it does it. 

ICAD2 - #24
wet wipe sticker, stenciled acrylic paint, Coptic marker, 
office stamp, pigment stamp pad

ICAD2 - #25

hand cut stencil, acrylic paint, magazine text

ICAD2 - #26
smashed Golden fluid acrylics, hand cut stencil, 
oil pastels, office stamp

I'm looking forward to less running the children around and perhaps a mini vacation this weekend. It has been a fun couple of weeks but I'm tired. I have been working on the Bind Along series of posts. I learned a lot about filming videos, editing and the technical side. Hopefully it will show in future videos. 

ICAD2 - #27
watercolor, Jelly Roll pen

It's time for a break. I see some creative play with no end result in mind in my near future. Right now I just want to prop up my feet and enjoy an iced cup of coffee and the nice air conditioned house. Hope you have a great weekend too!

ICAD2 - #28
coffee ring stained paper, translucent index card divider, 
magazine text, machine stitching, Jelly Roll pen