Thursday, June 21, 2012

ICAD Check In: Week 3

Here's a wrap up of the cards I made during week 3 of 

ICAD - #15
promt: pen test
stamp pads, washi tape, magazine text, rubber stamp
This card started with testing some little stampers and throwing out the ones the no longer worked.

Tammy had a great post this week with a Reality Check. We all start projects excited and motivated. Sometimes that doesn't last. Sometimes that's okay. But ICAD has somethings going for it that keep me keeping on. 

ICAD - #16
Working along side my kids is a sure way to get me to just play and have fun. 

Last year's challenge helped me to ease into a daily creative ritual. It helped me get out of my mode of thinking I had to have the perfect conditions. I gave myself permission to take the time to make a card each day. It wasn't another thing on my to-do list. It was a gift to myself. 

ICAD - #17
pamphlet stitch book, type writer
A simple book of quotes that to me speak to the spirit of ICAD.

I feel freed up to try something out of my comfort zone. Even my least favorite cards have made some great collage fodder. It's play. None of my cards are going on the wall of a museum. Often when I look back at the cards later, I see them differently. I'm much less judgmental. 

ICAD - #18
acrylic paint, Jelly Roll pen
A late night, a pre-made background and stepping out of my comfort zone.

It is a place to try ideas on a smaller scale. I have a list of the things I think of or see, that way I can refer to it on a day when I am less inspired. If all else fails I suggest cleaning out a drawer or box of supplies. Chances are you will find something to use on the card even if it starts as a test to see if the pen or ink pad is dried up and headed to the trash. Sometimes I am inspired by a prompt or a card that has been shared. I've not let myself impose any additional rules. 

ICAD - #19
smashed Golden fluid acrylics, navy blue Jelly Roll pen
A repeat of the previous night.

Making a card a day helped me have a regular time each week day that I have dedicated to creative time. I used to put time for creating last and that time rarely came around. Now I am in the habit of taking that time for me and everyone else respects that as well. On the occasion that I need to be flexible, I'm okay with that. I have developed a strong ritual and I have the confidence that one day is not going to break it. Weekends are for the family but creating is such a habit it just happens naturally. 

ICAD - #20
crayon rubbing of tree bark, Golden fluid acrylics applied with brush and dropper, 
sprayed with water, card crumpled up and brayered, mounted on another index card
I found this card that had fallen in the floor and was a bit crumpled. 
I crumpled it more. Oh, I wish you could feel the texture.  

And for me the community aspect is very motivating. Just go over to the Flickr group and I'll bet you a stack of index cards you are going to find a card that makes you want to get up from your computer and go try that right now. And you couldn't ask for a more welcoming and supportive place to share your cards.

ICAD - #21
white Jelly Roll pen, stencils, Prisma Color pencils, embroidery thread
Not my favorite card but I just did it. Ask me again tomorrow.