Thursday, April 12, 2012

One of Many Lists

"Life is about the journey, the process, the day-to-day. The only kind of happiness that lasts, at least in my little life, comes from the mundane pleasures of doing."

So how's your week been?  At the beginning of this week, we finished up an extended Spring break for my daughter. Then my son got sick and I soon followed. And there went the week, almost. But I wanted to get in another post before it is over. 

I couldn't resist this small vertical journal, 

I have been thinking about sharing more than just my latest project. I have been thinking a lot about lists. I make a lot of them - to do lists, grocery lists, ideas, quotes, and more. They help me organize my thoughts. I keep rewriting a list of the creative things I do and another of the materials I use. I seem to be trying to make something click.  

Tammy at Daisy Yellow shared a great image in her follow up thoughts about her post asking "What is your focus?". She imagined creative pursuits like a bagel. Really, go read her post. This image works for me. 

The mediums I work in are: Bookbinding, Art Journaling, Altered Books, Art Quilts, Mail Art

Pursuits that get folded in include: photography, collage, surface design (which is a term that encompasses a lot!), embroidery, hand quilting, machine stitching

Research, processing or a shift in focus come in the form of: cooking, gardening, blogging, reading, correspondence

So what kind of lists do you make? Any you keep rewriting?