Monday, April 2, 2012

Creativity Queue Challenge - Day Five

Here we go on week two and Day Five of the Creativity Queue Challenge. 
(If you need an introduction start here, and here.)

As the weekend comes around my creative focus shifts a bit to collaborative projects. Things like projects with my kids, cooking and gardening. Gardening especially in the Spring time because I get the fever. Sometimes it sets in and stays around or occasionally it is just a fleeting fling. This year, I may have it bad. 

Saturday the family headed out to our farmer's market to pick up plants for the vegetable garden. 

Sunday we laid out all the plants and got them in the ground while the kids worked in their garden patch. 

We picked out a variety of herbs for just outside the kitchen door.

 We finished laying the patio stones last Fall so this year the goal is to work in some plants in that area. I am going mostly for containers. I went a little wild at the garden store when I went to pick up more potting soil. I fixed up two window boxes of assorted flowers. 

 This is a lovely bleeding heart I picked up at the farmers market. 

Assorted sun loving plants for the chair planter. 

After all the work it's nice to set back and enjoy the plants like the snowball bush that's full of fluffy white blooms. 

We are starting to gather some asparagus.

It's good to get a little dirt on your feet. Shifting creative gears a bit is usually good for other creative pursuits. Sometimes I have the best ideas in the garden. How about you?

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