Saturday, April 7, 2012

Creativity Queue Challenge - Day Eight

I'm still working away happily on the Creativity Queue Challenge. Today's Day 8 and the final day.  

As I mentioned, this week is Spring Break for my elementary school age daughter. I really look forward to these breaks. We have our own creative queue of projects waiting. This is one we got to this week. When I saw the idea online to paint paper with marbles, I knew it would be fun to do with my daughter.

 (I wish I could remember where I saw it exactly. I have combed through my notes and checked a few potential sites but can't locate it again to give credit.)

Once I located a few marbles, sacrificed a small cake pan which just happen to be the size of some sheets of paper that were already cut, we were ready to rock and roll - literally.

It was fun to experiment - a few marbles or more, inks or fluid acrylics, time to dry between colors or blend a few, dry paper or spritz with water. 

Hope you all are having a creative weekend! Be sure to check out Daisy Yellow for much more about the Creativity Queue Challenge, Day 8, links to today's hostess and other participants too.

It's been great fun to have this challenge as a real boost to a goal I started the year with - concentrate on projects already started! It really feels good to see progress or complete a project. There's a lot left in my queue so I'm sure you will see some more posts soon.