Monday, March 12, 2012

DIY Postcard Swap

Today I dropped the first batch of postcards in the mail for
I am about to go address the last few cards but first I thought I would share them with you.  

I made more than the 10 for this swap which is pretty easy to do once you get going. I will share some of the others later when they head out as thanks for cards I have received recently.

For these I made each card unique but it was fun to work in groupings. 

But first each card started off as packaging from cereal boxes and such, cut to postcard size. I then applied a thin layer of gesso to the printed side. I like the way the printing shows through discreetly still on some of the cards. Background color was added with scrapped or sponged on acrylic paint. 

 The backgrounds dry, it was time to play around with the little bits saved from this and that, here and there. They make a nice canvas for the bits that you don't want to throw away but wonder where you will use it. Mix in stitching, tape, stamping or what ever catches your eye. 

The following set all incorporate items sandwiched under a section of transparency. Some items are loose and free to move as they make their way through the mail. That's an idea to play around with more. 

 The backs can be as much fun as the front. Here are a few ways I approach them depending of the amount of stitching. Stitching all over, I chose to paste (or stitch) on a printed layout. Some have no stitching at all and I enjoy using the rich brown card board for the back or playing with a combination of plain areas and stickers to cover limited areas of stitching.  

Check out more cards from participants in the swap here