Thursday, March 29, 2012

Creativity Queue Challenge - Day Three

Today is Day Three of the Creativity Queue Challenge from Daisy Yellow.

(If you want to catch up start here for an introduction to what's going on, here for my Day One and Day Two)

Here's the project I chose to get back to today. I wanted to bind these pages of watercolor paper into an art journal. 

 The first step was to get covers ready. I chose to use a non-traditional material with the corrugated cardboard. 

I wanted to cut a window in the front so you see the first page of decorated paper. 

Cover now cut, out comes the sewing cradle to help me make the sewing stations. 

Each page of watercolor paper in going to be an individual signature. 

Punching holes in the front and back covers for this spineless binding

I decided to add some tapes to the cover for strength and decoration. It's still a work in progress so who knows exactly how it will look in the end. 

Everything is prepped and now it's ready to sew together. 

The book builds from the back cover which I got attached to one signature. 

Ding, ding, ding. Ah, now it's time to go pick the young 'un up from school so here we leave it for now. But perhaps tonight or tomorrow I will get the remaining signatures sewn. Stay tuned. 

And in the meantime, get on over to Daisy Yellow to check out Day Three