Monday, March 26, 2012

Creativity Queue Challenge - Day One

Sometimes I think Tammy at Daisy Yellow is reading my mind. And I know I am not the only one who feels that way. She's at it again with another great idea. Haven't we all got a project or two started we really want to finish - or just start working on again. Oh boy, have I got some projects started. So all I had to do was pick one to join in and kick start my to do list.

Here's the first project to benefit from this challenge. It may look familiar to some since I posted it in process here. As I mentioned in that post, it is inspired by a workshop I took from Tammy so it's even more fitting. Not to mention, I want to work on it. Because it's not that I loose interest in these projects. There just aren't enough hours in a day to do all I want. You see I have analyzed this problem of mine and as far as problems go I will take inspiration overload any day. I find I just need to manage it a bit.

Project number 6

Some of the things that are helping me work on all these projects I start  -

  • First, I am making myself stop and make a really conscious decision to start another project. Instead it maybe better in the heat of the creative excitement for me to capture the idea in Evernote instead of starting off by pulling out art supplies. 
  • For me out of sight is out of mind and in sight is just a big old mess, so I keep a list of my ongoing  projects. 
  • I have started using Trello to keep my projects in a digital list. I am loving it because I can attach pictures, links, etc. I am kinda over organized so this might be more than you need. You might like Evernote or Google Documents. Whatever works for you. 
  • Most of my projects fit nicely in a box flat like pictured above, I just limit the number of these I save so I can't keep filling them with projects. When I am ready to work I just pull out the box and get going again. 

Creating in progess

So this afternoon, while my toddler had his nap/quiet time, I had about an hour to work on this project. I had the basic accordion book structure collaged and stitched with paper and fabric already. The next step was to add some happy thoughts to this little display book. I was inspired by recent Journaling Deep assignments to work with some of my photos, printed transparencies, and journal about the things that make me happy like my family, creating, reading and Spring of course. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to work on it more tomorrow and share the finished book soon. 

Check out Daisy Yellow for DAY ONE links to lots of creating going on. The challenge runs for 8 (nonconsecutive) days so check back or jump on in. I will be one of the hosts on March 31 which is also my three year blog anniversary.