Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cards coming in

I received my first two postcards from the DIY Postcard Swap in the mailbox today. So lovely. 
Here's a list of the cards as received (I will add to this as they arrive.) 

Always got to check out the postage stamps.

iamrushmore - Blog / Flickr
Amy H. - Blog / Flickr

UPDATED 3/19/12: Three more postcards received over the weekend.

Mindy H. - Flickr
Chris M. - Blog / Flickr
Susan T. - Flickr

UPDATED 3/20/2012: Another wonderful card received.

Loving that postage stamp.

Madelene E. - Blog / Flickr

One thing I have noticed is that not everyone includes a return address. No rules, but if I get the info that allows me to send a return, you will be receiving a card from me soon. Sometimes it develops into an ongoing (but low pressure) exchange of work or notes of encouragement.

UPDATED 3/22/2012: Today brought this card to my mailbox.

Vesna R. 

UPDATED 3/26/2012: Number 8 arrived on Saturday.

Anna - Blog

UPDATED 3/30/2012: Received this lovely yesterday.

Katie - Blog / Flickr

I have especially loved this swap because so many people have shared their cards online. We have gotten to see such a great variety of work and I have discovered some new artists.

Be sure to check out the Flickr group (more and more goodies keep showing up) and iHanna's blog for lots more lovely mail art. What ever your medium or what every you would like to try, mail art is such a fun way to share. 

So are you interested in livening up your mail box? Not sure where to start? 
Here's some of my favorite resources for things in the mail.