Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Heart Mail Art

I enjoy a lot of forms of art and I really love mail art. It's so cool to be gifted a bit of someones creativity and send some of yours out into the world. I used to participate more actively and I have been happy recently to find some exciting new venues in this arena. I have signed up for iHanna's 2012 Post Card Swap. I heard a lot of good things about last years so I am excited to start my next batch of cards soon. I've got some ideas rolling around since making my last set

While working in the studio, I listened to a great interview at Crafty Pod about the art of letter writing. I am still exploring all the goodies they talk about regarding letter writing, pen pals and mail art. I have always loved writing letters. I always send postcards when I go on trips and my mother and I exchange letters between visits even though she doesn't live that far away. I just love writing her. 

"Letter writing socials are a fun way to socialize but also be introverted. It's a fun way for someone who's not very outgoing to still do something with other people, which is a big part of what letter writing is about because it's a way to be with someone but also be by yourself." - Donovan Beeson

It's great fun to receive wonderful things in the mail but I think it really is even better to know you brought joy to someone with a letter or by sharing your art. I have had a few people tell me that seeing me share my work online or in the mail has inspired them to create. That really is the best. I have been happy to hear from several people letting me know they received my post cards. It's always nice to know they made their way safely through the mail. It's an extra bonus to see things like Shannon's recent post about some of the cards she has received. I hope maybe you will consider writing a letter or sharing a bit of your creativity with someone. You never know how much they might need that in their lives.