Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What I've Been Working On

Remember my post about all my ongoing projects? One down!

Today I sent out into the world my cards for Shannon of Musing on Realities'
International Mixed Media Postcard Swap.
It's been too long since I made up some mail art and I have had a really good time working on these cards. I have shared a peek at them but I can't stand it any longer, so here are photos of what I came to call my inspiration cards.

I used a lot of recycled supplied for my cards. The base of the postcards started out as the brown cardboard from packages like cereal boxes.

I painted the brown side of the cards with a palette knife and acrylic paints. 

On the other, usually printed side, I used small pieces of paper and fabric left from other projects. You know, the ones that are too big to toss so you stick them in a box to use later. I had so much fun practicing free-motion stitching. Have I mentioned I really love circles. It's also a great way to use up any almost empty spools of miscellaneous thread.

Here are each of the 12 cards and in the middle you can see the package each person will receive - an inspiration card, enclosure card and a mini MOO card with my information.

The Envelope wrappers were made from glossy colorful pages of magazines.

Here's the finished stack ready to go in the post. On the back you can see the label used to help seal the wrapper. To make these, I printed a full page image of one of my decorative papers on a sheet of address labels. Another great way to recycle, or as they say, leverage your artwork.

I'm looking forward to checking my mailbox and finding something nicer than junk mail and bills. I'm sure I will have some exciting mail to share on Twitter and Google+