Friday, January 13, 2012

Life in Progress - Cloth Book

I have had "make a cloth book" on the want to do list for quite a while. More and more of my fabric (most hand dyed & designed by me) is migrating up from the *small* stack of boxes in the basement. I was digging in it this past weekend and decided to go ahead and stack some pieces up and stitch them into a book. 

I stamped Build, my word for the year, on the front cover. 

I have been doing some doodling on fabric, playing with some resists, and I think I will treat this like a sampler of sorts, collage and stitch in bits of experiments to document the work I do this year. Maybe I will need a few volumes. 
It will be about building up layers. Building to where I am integrating fabric and paper, journal and quilt, stitching and surface design, all things I love. 
It's where I feel a pull to go. So I am going to jump right in and start.