Monday, January 9, 2012

Drying rack

An unexpected opportunity came my way Saturday - the whole day alone in my studio. And what do I do? Make a drying rack. Oh, okay. That's not all I did. Well it was on my list. You know, the long list of started projects from which I shall choose until it is much smaller. 

You might have noticed I like to work on backgrounds for journal pages or other surface design almost daily. This results in wet paper stacked here and there. It usually has to be rearranged to make room  for the next phase or to get to some other supply. What I needed was a light weight shelf type thing, something like a mail sorter or vertical stack of cooling racks. 

It must have been meant to be made today, because I went to get the boxes I had in mind for the shelves and found another larger box (12X14) that came our way just a few days ago. It was a perfect fit for two smaller boxes (12X12) to fit inside. This simplified my assembly and the smaller boxes lend a lot of stability to the whole. I started with these and went around the outside edges with duct tape to attach the three boxes into one. You could use any boxes you have available just be sure they will accommodate the size paper you will be stacking up to dry.

Next I took another of the small boxes and cut it into its four sides to make more shelves. Insert these and tape at both the left and right side to suspend the shelf. It will not have to bear much weight. 
I continued though several more pieces to make a total of 14 shelves. I stopped at the point where it is difficult to get your hands in to tape the shelves. It should serve me fine for the pages I might do in one sitting. Here you can see the rack in action with papers drying on the shelves and it sitting out of the way in a corner. Since it is light weight it will be easy to move and keep the pages contained if needed.