Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Green House

My parents still live in the house where I spent my childhood. It used to be green. It had this composite black-green-grey siding. A hale storm took care of seeing it got a bit of an update. I remember how I felt the weekend I came home from college to drive up and find it battered and bruised. Mom didn't think to call and  tell me. I mean all my family was unhurt. Why would it be such a big deal that the house had some cosmetic issues. 

Materials and techniques used include: canvas paper, airbrush inks, watercolor crayons, collage, photograph on transparency and machine stitching

I have this thing with houses as symbols in my work. Sometimes I think their about all I can draw and simple childlike imagery that I fall back on but it's a lot more than that to me. I started using them at the time when I set off to start my own life. It was a path to create my own home and all that means to me. It took a while before I would say "I'm going home", and mean my house not my parents. I think it happened about the time I had my own children. They say smells are very tied to memories for us and for me color is very much the same.

I got so caught up in writing the post I forgot to mention this is for Building a Rainbow with Daisy Yellow. Do be sure to check there for all the other great contributions to today's colors - Green and Aqua.