Friday, December 30, 2011

Fun with Doodling

I've been missing working in the studio just for fun. I took some time today to complete a doodle I had started before the holidays. 

Moleskine Cashiers Journal, Micro 05 pen in brown, Berol Prismacolor pencils

It takes inspiration to get me motivated to draw or doodle. I have to be reminded how much fun it can be. Among others that inspiration has come from - 

Digging for something in the studio today, I had to unstack all the ongoing projects. First, let me say thank you for the flood of exciting ideas ready to work on and second - Girl, get yourself to the studio and get some of those projects progressing! Okay, you have the weekend off for fun and family, but after that I'm serious! It's back to the creat'n every day for you. 

Happy New Year to you all and see you in 2012!