Saturday, December 3, 2011

Building a Rainbow - Green Inspiration

My daughter used to be at that age where your favorite color is a big topic of conversation. She would ask me mine. I truly love them all but she wanted a definite answer. I say my favorite color is brown - because it plays so well with other colors. She had to think about that one. I bet you don't want to pick just one color either.

Today finds us right in the middle of five days of color building a rainbow with Tammy of Daisy Yellow. I am happy to host one of today's two colors - Green. From the almost yellow-greens to blue-greens and headed toward browns, green is so varied in its range. It's every where from living things to jewels to common expressions we use. Have you ever been green with envy or seen someone turn green. And don't forget Green Eggs and Ham. Here are a few green things that inspire me -

So grab the big box of crayons or the multi-color pack of paper. Contemplate your own rainbow. And don't forget to stop in at Daisy Yellow for links to the Hostess of Aqua and all the participants work. Now I am off to get my green on!