Thursday, December 15, 2011

Break time everyone!

While I'm still working on some gifts and have a long list of creative ideas I am working on in the studio, I know my focus over the next few weeks will be on family. I feel I have gotten in a good habit of dedicating time to creating everyday and I will keep it up over the break. If it's quiet here, I'm sure you will understand as you'll probably be busy yourselves. 

I'm also getting in that end of the year, time to review things mode. Made a mosaic of some of my art journal pages. I like where art has taken me this year and I'm up for more next year. 

Do you have any rituals to close out your year? 

Links to each page on Flickr -
1. smile and embrace the day art journal page, 2. for the love of brown art journal page, 3. Blue for Building a Rainbow, 4. Nostalgia in antique white, 5. My Green House, 6. building a rainbow - orange, 7. Building a Rainbow - Red Red Red, 8. Make a List Busy Bee art journal page, 9. Hopes and Fears Art Journal Page, 10. Creative Mind Map Art Journal Page, 11. See the Possibilites Art Journal Page, 12. Joy Art Journal Page, 13. Taking Flight Art Journal Page, 14. THERAPY Art Journal Page, 15. Relaxing Art Journal Page

mosaic by Mosaic Maker