Monday, December 5, 2011

Antique White

This is day 5 of Building a Rainbow and the colors today are white or black. Check in at Daisy Yellow for links to today's color hosts and everyone's wonderful work.

Materials and techniques used include collage of photocopies and black and white photographs, acrylic paint, stencils, gesso, fountain pen

When I think of white it is a shade with a few years on it, like the aged white pages of a book. I have always loved the black and white photos of my two sister's childhood. We have lots of color photos of me in rather colorful outfits of the seventies but I preferred to sit for hours looking through the boxes of these wonderful squares of paper with the white boarders. They were of people I knew and full of stories before my time.

I decided to begin with a collage of some items from my maternal grandmother. She was the baker in a restaurant for years.  I remember the smell of her yeast rolls and the taste of her pies. I am lucky to have some copies of hand written recipes, menus, and notes she made about her life. I seem to have always been nostalgic for a time I didn't know.